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Our Services

ECOBURN - The Most Economical & Ecofriendly Solid Waste Burner

Globally environmental degradation is in its extreme with the rapid increase in population, industrial development and associated infrastructure development. Development cannot be compromised, at the same time environment needs to be protected. The solution is the implementation of eco friendly newer and optimum technologies and finer process.

Government of India enacted Water act 1974, The Air act 1981 and The environment act 1986.The Central/State pollution control boards are entrusted with the implementation of above legislations. Technologies are developed considering the above and the treated water results should comply with the parameters prescribed by the respective Enactment/authorities.

Ecoway Technologies Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 04 January 2014 as a Non-Government Company registered at Registrar of Companies, Ernakulam. We based in Kottayam work as a solution for Solid Waste Burning and Management in an ecofriendly manner without using electricity, oil, gas or any other fuel.

Water treatment Process

Raw water from various sources like wells, ponds, rivers, lakes are contaminated with dissolved and suspended solids which imparts hardness ,colour, odour and taste difference. The presence of Microbial and heavy metals such as Mercury ,Chromium ,Arsenic, Cadmium ,Lead etc. make the water unfit for drinking. Our treatment process are designed considering the chemistry of pollutants in the raw water and the end use of treated water.

Ecoway Technologies Private Ltd is a registered company ,focused to bridge the technological gap and implementation skills to save time, cost ,energy and other expenditures. Compliance of various statute avoid fines, penalties and prosecutions. Our technological prowess in the field of water and wastewater management is the result of the association with universities, research centres, and in the rich and varied experience of our technical personnel.

Sewage /Sullage treatment process. The waste water generated from hotels, Apartments, Resorts with Spa, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Convention centres and other commercial complexes consists of seawage /black water and sullage /gray water. The characteristic of waste water depends upon the quantum ,chemical and biological composition of sewage and sullage. The selection and success of the treatment process depends upon the better estimation of the composition of the wastewater. We have pioneered in the assessment of the above and the selection of suitable process to attain the necessary treated water quality standards for reuse/discharge.

➸ Diffused aeration Attached Growth Process

➸ Activated Sludge Process(ASP)

➸ Moving Bed Bio Reactor(MBBR)

➸ Double Line Treatment Process(DLTP)

➸ Sequential Batch Reactor(SBR)

➸ Rotating Biological Contractor(RBC)

Supply and services offered

➸ Sewage & sullage Treatment plant(SSTP)

➸ Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)

➸ Water Treatment Plant

➸ Plant operations and optimisation

➸ Liaison with PCB for getting clearances and approvals

➸ Bench /Pilot testing

➸ AMC on demand

➸ Solid waste Management

➸ Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)

➸ Design Build /Turnkey Projects

➸ Concept to commission.

Ecoway Technologies Private Limited Advantages

➸ Due to the technological advantage and design machinery possess by us only minimal space is required for plant layout and working.

➸ Wastewater treatment plant can be executed underground or above the ground depending on the space available or the treatment process selected.

➸ We provide the excellent customer support with in two hours excluding the travelling time in normal working hours.

➸ Protecting and enhancing our customer's reputation in the area of environmental compliance.

➸ We have the service of highly qualified professional from Environmental Technology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Mechanical, Civil, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering.

➸ State of the art technology, adapted to be cost effective to suit respective area/local conditions/requirements.

➸ Tie up with various research centres and universities to conduct research and critical analysis of water and other samples.

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