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To bring Earth & Environment clean and free from wastes and pollution. Research for cost effective and eco-friendly waste disposal systems in support of de-centralised waste management policy of the Government.

Our Products

» Ecoburn: Cost effective, Eco-friendly & pollution free solid waste burner.

» Air pollution control systems to all types of industrial units.

» Industrial waste water treatment systems

» Domestic water Purification systems

» Fume hood and suction systems

» MS epoxy coated pressure vessels

Introduction- Waste Management

Solid waste disposal is the burning issue where the contemporary world faces. In particular, India is struggling where the huge waste is accumulated in different localities including residential areas, premises of schools and thereby creating health problems and other hazards to the people and to the environment. Government including central and state, local bodies and the people are suffering from the unscientific system of waste disposal. Solid wastes create significant health problem and very unpleasant environment. It attracts breeding sites for insects and vermin which would help the likelyhood of disease transmission, and would also invite snake and other pests. It can also pollute water sources and environment.

The practice of uncontrolled dumping of waste, which if not properly managed, could cause harm to health and environment by way of spreading of dangerous micro-organism, ground water pollution and noxious emission, especially when the overfilled dumpyard is allowed to burn in open accidentally, deliberately as a means of volume reduction.

Solid Waste Management- Present Scenario

Centralised waste management by the government, is now coming to a stand-still owing to increase in the volume of waste, lack of adequate landfill site, mounting of public protests against acquiring further landfill sites. Now, the government is compelled to implement de-centralised waste management policy. Accordingly, the waste generators like townships, commercial establishments(hospitals, hotels, auditoriums, catering centres, shopping malls, amusement parks, flats/villa projects etc) are being forced to find theirown individual waste management systems.

Solution- Controlled Burning of wastes

Properly Controlled burning is an effective means of reducing waste volumes. It ensures cleaner and complete combustion of wastes. In areas where population density is high and availability of sites for landfill is low, the burning option is most viable solution for the disposal of wastes.

The Controlled burning can reduce the volume of waste in many fold down in the form of fine ash. It also reduce the risk of contamination of ground water and spreading of harmful bacterial mass. Controlled burning ensured with complete combustion and emission cleaning techniques reduce fly ash particulates, acid gases, etc. It is highly advantageous over any type of conventional incinerators which demand high installation, maintenance and operational cost. Now research is under way by world organisations to develop simple type burners to aid the less developed nations as a means of volume reduction of waste.

In this context, the Ecoway Technologies Pvt Ltd, introduce Ecoburn an advanced type, cost effective, eco-friendly and pollution free, solid waste burner to suit the need of the hour.

Ecoburn Controlled burning- the ultimate option

Ecoburn the ultimate fuel-less solid waste burner with emission gas cleaner techniques as a means of volume reduction of wastes, especially in less developed countries with high population density, the option of modern type incinerator is not viable due to its high initial and operational cost, requirement of skilled operators, recurring expenses on complicated components etc.

Now research is underway world wide to develop a simple burner, which should be cost effective in way of initial operation and operational cost as a solution to waste disposal in less developed countries.

In views of this, the ECOWAY TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, Kerala after careful study and design introduce Ecoburn, a new version of fuel-less solid waste burner ecquiped with more advanced emission cleaning and pollution control system in compliance with the guidelines of environmental (Protection) Law.

The Ecoburn is constructed with high quality materials under the strict supervision of eminent, qualified well experienced personels in the field of pollution control and environmental consultancy.

The system available in three models with burning capacity 150kg/hour, 75kg/hour, equipped with pollution control unit and household models of capacity 30 kg/hour with optional pollution control system.

Nature and Type of solid wastes handled by ECOBURN

» Sanitary napkins and diapers

» Food paper

» Biscuit covers, food packing covers

» Hard boards

» Card boards

» Paper bags, paper tumblers

» Banana leaves and vegetable wastes

» Used clothes

» Food wastes both dry and wet in 70:30 ratio

ECOBURN Supports general waste management in:

» Hotels and Resorts

» Auditoriums and commercial complexes

» Apartments, Villas and houses

» Hospitals (Except biomedical waste)

» Industries (Except Hazardous waste)

Our Specialities:

» Eco-friendly operation under advanced air regulation technology

» Burn waste into fine ash without any fuel/ electricity

» Burning chamber built with high temperature sustainable technique.

» Ensure complete combustion of wastes into fine ash in a short time

» Simple to operate and maintain with any un-skilled person

» Advanced pollution control system ensure pollution free emission

» No electrical/ electronic parts, so no maintenance cost

» No fuel cost

» Both dry and wet wastes (@ 70:30 ratio) can be burned to ash

» Manufactured with high quality materials under supervision of well qualified and experienced engineers and technicians in environmental and pollution control field

» One year manufacture warranty and after maintenance service on AMC

Ecoburn ECS Industrial 175 Kg/hr
Ecoburn ECS Office 100 Kg/hr
Ecoburn ECS Apartment 40 Kg/hr
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